The Best Bet You've Ever Made

Customization, Transparency, Profit

The HedgeBettor® sports betting platform is a revolutionary concept that creates a competitive advantage for every party involved in the sports betting process. We are putting the odds in your hands, cutting out the middle man & empowering a future generation of sports bettors. Coming 2023…

Maximize Profits

Peer to peer means more options, less fees.

At Hedgebettor your bets are your assets. Buy, sell, and hold them as you see fit. Lock in profits and avoid bad beats, or hedge losses without risking more of your hard earned cash. Send your bets to friends, groups, or to the public in our live market. 

Ultimate Control

Don’t see the bets you like?

Same… that’s why our betting process is fully customizable. Adjust Vegas odds & lines, or start from scratch and make your own custom props, parlays & futures at the odds of your choosing.

Climb the ranks

Sports are social. So is betting them.

Don’t go through the highs & lows of sports betting alone. Bet with (or against) your friends. Become a legend by earning rewards, winning trophies, & besting your rivals.